among the ruins




Maya for “Painted Vault”

Locally pronounced Dzibilnohac, meaning “Large Turtle with Writing on It”


“Although  Dzibilnocac is a large site, there is really only one structure of interest for the visitor, but that one – or at least a part of it- is superb.  Dzibilnocac is also the easiest to reach of all the Chenes sites.


The western temple is in a ruinous state, but the eastern temple is well preservDzibilnocaced. Other remains at Dzibilnocac include seven major pyramids (overgrown) and numerous minor ones, as well as structures of collapsed architecture. The proximity of the town of Itrubide has contributed to the extensive damage done to the site.


Dzibilnocac was first occupied late in the Middle Preclassic period and the population grew in the Late Preclassic. At the end of the Late Preclassic, the population declined drastically, and there is scant evidence for occupancy during the Early Classic. Again in the Late Classic, there is evidence for a large population. The structures visible at the site today date to this period, although in some cases these cover Late Preclassic construction. The site was abandoned around AD 950.”  ~  ~  ~  Joyce Kelly